Remini vs Fotor: Which is the Best?

Selecting a go-to photo editing app at times can be difficult and frustrating.  nowadays people tend to look for apps that help them edit their pictures with minimal effort and without any editing experience. 

In the modern age of the internet and social media, countless photo editing tools are available. Remini and Fotor are both popular tools in the realm of photo editing but they offer slightly different purposes and have unique features. Our expert team comprises professional photographers who have evaluated Remini vs Fotor under different conditions and have come up with a detailed comparison of Remini vs Fotor.

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Remini AI Photo Enhancer

Remini is a revolutionary tool that breathes life back into poor-quality photos by delivering stunning high-definition photo enhancements. It was developed by the Milan-based tech company Bending Spoons in July 2019. 

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Remini uses sophisticated AI technology to edit blurry photos and videos into clear, vibrant images, making them the only flattering photos and videos you’ll ever need. Users can create features such as blur and sharpen, denoise, restore old images, enhance images, correct colors, and enhance faces. It is available on Android and iOS, with a free and premium version

Key Features of Remini

AI-based Photo Enhancement

Remini uses AI algorithms to analyze and decorate pictures, appreciably improving their quality. It can boost the decision, sharpen details, and reduce noise.

Face Enhancement

Remini is very good at enhancing facial capabilities, making it perfect for enhancing pictures and selfies. It can improvise details into faces that are blurry or pixelated, making them look even better and sharper.

Video Enhancement

 In addition to photos, it can also elevate the quality of videos improving their resolution and clarity.

Batch Processing

Remini allows its users to edit multiple photos at a time making it very convenient to save users time and effort.

Automatic Enhancement

This app performs automatic enhancements requiring minimal user input to edit pictures even for those with little to no editing skills. 

Pricing of Remini

Remini offers a free and paid version to its users to enjoy vast features and enhancements. Here’s a little description of the pricing of the Remini Mod APK:

Free Version

Remini has a free or unpaid version that has limited features and allows only 6 photo enhancements per day.

Paid Version

Remini provides a premium version, allowing the user to access unlimited features and many photo enhancements per day. The subscription price ranges from $9.99 weekly to $249.99 yearly.

Pros and Cons of Remini


  • Easy to use
  • Advanced AI technology
  • Fast processing
  • Versatile photo enhancement
  • Advanced filters
  • Mobile convenience
  • Safety of data


  • Limited free features
  • The daily limit in the free resource
  • Ads in the free variant
  • Watermark in the free resource
  • AI dependent
  • Remini Web requires a stable internet


Fotor is an extensive photo editing and design tool that was developed by the Chinese company Everimaging Ltd in 2012. It has vast features and a versatile editing suite that serves both casual users and professional photographers.

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Fotor has a convenient interface along with a detailed suite of photo editing tools that have made editing and enhancing pictures very easy. It enables you to edit, improve, enhance, resize, restore, and remove blurs from your photos with captivating results. It is available on the web, Android, and IOS.

Key Features of Fotor

Photo Editing Tools

It has many tools for cropping, resizing, rotating, and primary exposure adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc). It additionally includes functions like HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, beauty retouching, lens correction, and more.

Filters and Effects

Fotor has a wide variety of filters and effects that can be applied to pictures to elevate and enhance their feel and quality.

Design Templates

Fotor has already existing templates to create various types of graphics such as posters, collages, thumbnails, social media posts, cards, and much more. This has made creating professional designs very easy.

AI Filters

Fotor consists of a variety of AI-based tools that have made photo enhancing easy such as automatic photo enhancement, background removal, and one-tap beautification.

Batch Processing

Fotor allows its users to enhance multiple photos at once to save time and effort when dealing with pictures in bulk.

Cloud Storage

Fotor’s cloud storage is a handy feature that has made saving and editing pictures and projects online easier. It has enhanced user experience by providing convenience, security, and flexibility when dealing with projects online.

Pricing of Fotor

Fotor has an unpaid version which includes restricted features and cloud storage. On the other hand, it has two paid features which include the Fotor Pro and Fotor Pro +.

Unpaid version

The free version of the app has limited tools allowing only 10 enhancements per day.

Paid version

Fotor Pro consists of no ads and over 100k design templates, collage layouts, and more. It’s subscription costs around $8.99 a month or $39.99 annually.

Pros and Cons of Fotor


  • Photo editing tools
  • Versatile usage
  • Fast processing
  • Network programmed
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Mobile convenience
  • Safety of data


  • Performance issues
  • Complexity
  • No dedicated photo enhancement
  • Watermark in the free resource
  • Annoying ads
  • Limited free advanced features

Comparison between Remini vs Fotor

Features/AspectRemini Fotor 
Main PurposePhoto enhancement: primarily for old or low-resolution pictures.Wide variety of tools for editing and designing.
PerformanceQuick processing along with high-quality enhancements with little to no error.Its performance varies, web version can be slower at times.
Key featuresAI-based based photo and video enhancements, face enhancements, batch processing, etc.Photo editing tools, design templates, batch processing, cloud storage, etc.
PlatformsWeb, Android, iOSWeb, Android, and iOS.
InterfaceClean, simple, and easy-to-use interface focused mainly on enhancements.Intuitive, can be complex for new users due to a variety of tools.
Special FeaturesAI-based facial enhancement, image, and video enlarger.HDR, beauty retouching, lens correction.
Pricing Free version with limited features; premium starts at $9.99/monthFree version with basic tools; premium starts at $8.99/month

Final Thoughts on Remini vs Fotor

Fotor has a wide variety of features and offers a comprehensive suite of tools that is suitable for both casual and professional photographers. Remini has a clear edge with its quick and easy enhancements and its ability to restore photos quickly and efficiently with minimal user intervention. It has advanced AI filters which are trendy. Moreover, it beats Fotor in affordability as it is relatively cheaper.

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