Remini AI Clay Filter: Stop-motion Movie Animation

Who remembers the famous iconic character ‘Shaun The Sheep”? It’s been more than two decades since I first saw the renowned sheep character. I believe many of us wanted to be on that farm or how I would look like that cute ugly clay character like Shaun.

Clay AI filter is rocking TikTok and Instagram on the internet in which your Photos turn into stop-motion animation movie characters like Shaun & Blitzer, Mary & Max, and Wallace & Gromit. Remini Mod APK with the help of its Clay AI filter transforms your photos into interesting iconic characters.

What is Remini AI Clay Filter?

Remini always leads the race in the latest photo enhancement and transformation filters. Its new claymation filter converts selfies, group photos, and objects like cars, food items, and pets into funny stop-motion animation Clay characters. Its advanced AI algorithms recognize the subject and convert it into claymation style while keeping the original features, expression, and style.

picture showing remini new stopmotion clay filter

What is a Claymation?

AI Clay filter or claymation is beyond photo editing and enhancement techniques. In traditional photo enhancement, we only adjust contrast or colors. Remini AI clay filter with its advanced AI algorithms reads our photo, recognizes facial features and looks, and reconstructs the photo. The outcome is so amazing that you will be mesmerized whether it is created from clay or sculptured by hand.
Claymation is a technique where characters are made of clay or plasticity resemblance. These animations can’t be obtained through standard CG animation. The claymation stop movie technique is quite old and was introduced in “The Humpty Dumpty Circus” back in 1898.

How to Use Remini AI Clay Filters?

Achieving the Claymation AI filter is complex, but Remini Mod APK has made it simple. Follow the steps:

  • Download the Remini AI app from the Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • You may also download it from
  • Launch the app.
  • Scroll to the Stop-motion clay movie effect.
  • Upload a photo.
  • Wait for a while and see the results.
  • Save and share.

The app is subscription-based and contains ads and daily enhancement limitations. For Premium APK, download from the site.

Advantages & usage of Remini Stop motion Clay Movie AI Filters

Creative Animation Enthusiasts

This clay filter can easily transform photos with imagination and creativity.

Artistically Enhancement

Artist can easily convert their sketches to claymation effects for their brands and promotion.

Social media Blaze

It’s a fun engagement tool for social media users, it may help them to interact and bring trends to their posts and shares.

Business and Brands

Claymation can be very effective for promotion branding and business. Brands can bring unique ideas to promote their business.

picture showing model for clay filter picture showing model after clay filter

Remini AI Clay Animation Filter

Why Choose Remini Mod APK?

Easy to Use

The Clay AI filter of Remini has a simple interface and customization is just one click away. Its advanced AI is very efficient and users does not need any special skills for photo transformation.

Ease of Access

The Remini filter can be accessed on the go. It is available on all devices like Android, iPhone, etc.

Cost Free

The mod version of our APK is loaded with all premium features and they are free of cost.

No Watermark

The mod version of APK has no annoying watermark after you transform your photos.


The performance of the Remini app is highly efficient. It simplifies the workflow and enables you to get the results in seconds.


Remini ensures the privacy and security of images and content uploaded.

picture showing remni ai clay filter reults

History of Claymation (Stop-motion Animation)

  • William Harbutt developed plasticine in his handbook in 1897. It gave an idea for many animators to use clay characters.
  • Edwin S Porter made a shot of dough changing to different faces in “Fun in a Bakery” In 1902. It resembles the lighting sketches used in cinema animation used in humorous Phases of Funny Faces in 1906.
  • In 1908 Segundo de Chomon, a Spanish film director presented clay characters with little movements in Sculpteur Moderne. He turned an old woman into a clay character.
  • In 1911, Walter Booth showed Clay molding changing into different shapes in “Animated Putty”.
  • Willie Hopkins generated more than 50 clay characters in a weekly magazine in 1918.
  • Live the Bull is considered the oldest claymation Film presented in 1926.
  • The famous character Gumby from Howdy Doody and Gumbasia was introduced in 1955 by an American animator Art Clokey.
  • Claymation gained fame from the kids’ TV show Mio Mao in 1970 in Italy. Another character Pingu gathered attention in 1990 in Switzerland.
  • In 1972, Marc Chinoy Studio introduced a clay character Kli Kla Klawitter in an educational film.
  • Morph, a famous claymation character, was introduced in 1977 by the British studio Aardman Animations.
Picture showing clay charcter of morph
  • Nick Park from Aardman Animations became the most successful claymation director in 1986.
  • Craig Bartlett introduced 3D clay characters in his animated stop-motion series “Hey Arnold” in 1996.
  • Aardman presented The Chicken Run in 2000 which became the highest-grossing stop-motion movie.
  • Wallace and Gromit’s iconic character Shaun the Sheep hit the stream in 2007. The franchise has also had Timmy Time on their boards since 2009.
Picture showing Timmy time series banner
  • Henry Seliick directed Coraline (2009), an American stop motion claymation horror movie based on Neil Gaimen’s novel Coraline (2002).

Besides that many TV commercials like Chevron cars, computer games including ClayFighters, Magic and Mayhem, and phone apps like Clay Moon and Primal Rage were the inspiration and effects of using claymation

Final Note

The use of clay animation is not new but with the merger of advanced AI, it has become the powerful photo filter that brings the magic of claymation to smartphones and photos. Remini Ai clay filter offers a unique and engaging method to convert creative and distinguishable in the stream.

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